A Different Approach to Venture Capital


Arc Ventures is the venture arm of a single family office with strong ethics and a long-term view at its core. These principles continue to guide us today as we are building on our unique network of investors, venture funds, angels and advisors around the world.

We believe that great relationships with the right partners will yield great results. Entrepreneurship is at the core of any vibrant society and we believe founders are drivers of positive change across our economy.

In Euclidean geometry, an arc is a connected subset of a differentiable curve.

Connecting the Dots

In Geometry, an arc is a “connected subset of a differentiable curve”. Analogously, at Arc Ventures, we see our job as connecting the dots between a range of sectors in the economy, people and ideas. We love introducing our founders to our partner funds, to potential customers, and to industry experts while investing in the brightest ideas along the way.

Network Effects

Arc has established a large, international network of funds, partners and advisors providing us with unique insight into the venture capital landscape. This allows us to back promising ventures early on as they appear on our radar. Using internal data analytics tools, we can spot trends and make connections between people and companies that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Arc takes an active, long term view seeking to assist those we invest with in realizing their objectives through a vast network of connections. To date, our geographic focus on these investments has been Israel, the Americas, and Europe. Asia is on our roadmap.

Companies: 58#
Fund Sponsors: 47#
Funds: 86#

Focus Geographies to Date




Our Origins

Arc Ventures started out as the venture arm of Arc Group Holdings, a single family office actively investing in most investment asset classes, with roots in opportunistic/ value add real estate and venture.

With a focus on disruptive technologies and innovative pharma solutions both directly and through funds the Group has invested opportunistically throughout a company’s life cycle, from early stage pre-revenue ventures through later stage operating businesses. The Group took an active, long term view seeking to assist managers in realizing their objectives through a vast network of connections in the United States and across the globe.

Arc Ventures was formed in 2019 to build on the Group’s successes and network with New York as a hub but with deep connections to the eco system in Israel, Europe and both coasts, with Asia to follow.

People at the Core

At the core of any enterprise are its people. Meet our team and get in touch.