Key Facts

Senior Associate at Arc Ventures

Co-Founded the Venture Capital & Private Equity Club at Fordham University

Analyzed Soccer Players for Roberto Carlos

No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.
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Maulik Mehta is a Venture Associate at Arc Ventures. He joined the firm as a summer intern in 2019 and eventually moved into a full-time role after graduation.

Maulik’s role at Arc involves sourcing new deals, conducting deep dives on prospective investments and assisting portfolio companies with follow on funding.

Before his work at Arc, Maulik was an Associate at Mumbai Angels Ventures, India’s most renowned angel investing network. He also gained operational experience at Azuro, a property management startup that later got acquired by India’s largest real estate brokerage company.

Maulik holds a Masters in Finance from Fordham University, where he was the Founding President of the Venture Capital and Private Equity Club and received the Graduate Student Leadership award. On weekends, you can spot Maulik at Smithfield Hall NYC, showcasing his support for Roger Federer and his boyhood soccer club – Manchester United.